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Team Edmonds 5517, based out of Harrodsburg, Ky, was founded in 2020. We offer competition coaching, General Nutrition, Online Training and just for the person who wants to be healthy and look their best. First and foremost family is everything to me. But my passion in life is bodybuilding and helping people find a new love for life. I will work with you and your lifestyle to build your top level physique, covering all aspects of competing head to toe. 

My qualifications are ISSA personal training, coaching and nutritionist.  


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Our Clients Say

Blotched Background

I came to Matt Edmonds wanting to learn how to fine tune my physique and possibly compete. I was looking for not only a coach but also a teacher. Matt is exactly that! He loves to share his knowledge unlike many others I’ve worked with and around. Matt’s coaching style is straight forward but never rude. He has a very good disposition to him. Very personable! He always makes himself available as soon as he can. He has invited me to his gym several times. Him and Ashley have gave me posing lesson which is a huge deal! Its usually a separate coach you have to go to. Joining Team Edmonds is the best fitness investment I could have made! 


Will Schuler

Daniel Morris

I met Matt about two and a half years ago. He approached me and asked if I ever thought about competing, of course I had but didn’t know where to start. He worked up my diet and walked me through all the steps to get on stage. I finished dead last. But in the process, I fell in love with bodybuilding. Matt has worked with me to put on about 25-30 lbs of muscle in the last 2 years. And I’m the process I gained more than just a coach, I’ve gained a second family of people who understand the struggles and provide a network of support. Deciding to take that leap of faith was the best decision I’ve made in a long time. 

Justin Harper

I'm  an NPC Bodybuilder,started bodybuilding seriously in 2017 and began competing in 2018.I knew then and there this was I wanted to do with my life,but really had no idea what I was doing


Took 2 years off the stage after and in 2021 did my 2nd show,with a local coach I won't name.After a very poor showing I was gutted,and for months debated quitting and spiraled into a bad depression 


Took the short off-season,and long story short I met my coach and now dear friend Matt Edmonds at the Arnold Classic in 2022.Shortly after, we talked a bit about me doing another show,he took me on and we killed it,absolutely crushing my prior showings

My dream of becoming a pro Bodybuilder was rekindled thanks to Matt and I know with him there is no limit for us!

Natalie Nichols

When someone asks me to describe myself, the word ‘Athlete’ always comes to mind. I have been involved in exercise and sports all my life. I started lifting at 13 with my dad and loved it so much I decided to get my Bachelors and Masters both in Exercise Science. I was also blessed with the opportunity to play collegiate soccer while earning my first degree. Once that came to an end, I decided to give bodybuilding a shot and immediately fell in love with this new sport. Matt had been training my dad for a while once I decided this was something I wanted to do, so it was obvious who I wanted to be my coach and mentor for this new journey. I am so glad I made that decision, this sport has brought me so many opportunities and so, so many great friends. Matt has given me the opportunity to continue being an athlete and for that, I am grateful. Team Edmonds is one of the best, and I can’t wait to see what all this team will accomplish. 

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